All of our software is available to download for Mac and Windows platforms. This page contains specific instructions for Space Weather. After launching the software, choose either DEMO mode for a free 30 day trial, or put in your username and key combination from your registration.


DOWNLOAD Space_Weather_9.0_MAC.dmg
SYSTEM OSX 10.4 - 10.11

Installing in Mac OSX is easy. Download and open the DMG file and follow the instructions to install Space Weather in your Applications folder.


To avoid warning messages about 3rd party software applications, users of Mac OSX 10.9+ need to open System Preferences, select "Security & Privacy", and then set the "Allow apps downloaded from:" to "Anywhere".



For Windows users, in order to properly update the images and data while running the software, first right-click on the "Space Weather.exe" application and select "Run as Administrator" in the Properties panel.

DOWNLOAD Space_Weather_9.0_WIN.exe
SYSTEM Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Windows (all versions)

For administrator users on most systems, installing the software is easy. Just download and open the EXE file and follow the instructions in the installer.

More recent versions of Windows have enhanced security that may show warning messages and/or prevent you from installing and running the software.

Windows Vista, 7

Windows Vista and Windows 7 use User Access Control (UAC) to secure against unknown downloaded files. Please see the FAQ for how to disable or bypass the UAC if you are unable to run Space Weather due to these issues.

Windows 8

Before launching the Space Weather EXE installer application you may have to remove the security block on the downloaded file.

  1. First right-click on the installer and "View Properties"
  2. Select Unblock on the last option, "Security:"
  3. Select Apply
  4. Select OK to close Properties
  5. Launch the Space Update EXE installer application

Bypassing Smartscreen Filter

SmartScreen Filter is a security module that is integrated into Windows 8. Whenever you execute a file that you have downloaded from the Internet, it is first checked by SmartScreen Filter against a database. Files that cannot be identified are blocked automatically, and a warning is displayed instead.

"Windows protected your PC

Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized program from starting. Running this program might put your PC at risk."

A click on OK closes the message and blocks the executable from being started. If you want to start the program, you need to click on More Info. This changes the Windows screen slightly and Microsoft displays publisher and program information, and a "Run Anyway"button. The program will be executed on your system if you click on that button.