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A major component of our project is our production of immersive digital planetarium shows that teach Earth and space science in a full-dome environment, originally funded with seed money from NASA and major matching funds from the Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS). These shows were first developed for established planetariums using the latest projection technology - multiple overlapping computer-driven projectors that achieve panorama (3 projector), full-view (4 projector) or full-dome (6 projector) productions. Our first production, "Cosmic Mysteries", opened December 1998. "Destination: Moon" opened July 1999, and "Powers of Time" opened January 2000. Since then we have helped produce and distribute dozens of full-dome digital productions. The currently available Discovery Dome planetarium shows are...

The online version of each show is warped for playback in a mirror or fisheye projection system. This format also makes our shows especially suitable for our portable inflatable dome system with single-projector display. After sampling the full-length, low resolution versions of the shows here, please visit e-Planetarium for information on purchasing.

We also distribute the following full-dome shows from other producers...

* FREE shows bundled with complete systems or purchase of a premium RICE or HMNS fulldome show.


To order our planetarium shows, visit the Space Update Inc. online store.