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Our software titles were designed with education in mind. As a non-profit funded by NASA public outreach grants, one of our primary missions is to educate the public about Earth and space science. The target audience for nearly all of our products are students from 3rd - 8th grade, but they can certainly be enjoyed by any age. The two main software applications are Earth Update and Space Update which have evolved over 10+ years to become extremely robust and in depth learning tools for the classroom or museum experience. These two products complement each other and perfectly illustrate the slogan of Space Update Inc., "Earth Views Of Space And Space Views Of Earth".

Space Update

Space Update - Earth Views Of Space

A suite of four applications that together explore space science beyond the reaches of Earth. Astronomy Update covers stars, galaxies, nebluae and much more. Sky Tonight shows the stars overhead any day of the year for your latitude. Solar System Update explores our local planets, comets and asteroids. Space Weather investigates aurora, solar flares, and magnetospheric physics. Also included is our Tic·Tac·Toe game ready to challenge you with what you've learned. Each application can run stand-alone or together as a complete package.

Earth Update

Earth Update - Space Views Of Earth

A suite of five different applications that each focus on a different "sphere" of Earth science (Atmosphere, Biosphere, Cryosphere, Geosphere, and Hydrosphere) using spaceborne satellite observations and Earthbound remote sensing. Each can run as a stand-alone application or together as a cohesive interlinked library of knowledge. It features numerous real-time images and movies that can be updated from the internet with a single click to view "today's data".


In addition to our software programs, which are excellent educational resources and perfect for classroom lessons, we have created numerous activities for teachers to use with students of all ages. These space and Earth science activities are included on the Space Update DVD and Earth Update CD packages respectively, and each activity is also available as a FREE download from this website.

Space Update Activities

Earth Update Activities

  • 2 Atmosphere activities

  • 4 Biosphere activities

  • 2 Cryosphere activities

  • 2 Geosphere activities

  • 4 Hydrosphere activities


Beides educational software, our main focus at Space Update Inc is the creation and distribution of high definition full-dome planetarium shows. In addition we have developed a robust brand of portable planetarium domes that are available for sale or rent. Even if there is no local planetarium near your location, you can still bring the planetarium experience to your classroom or school. Our portable domes setup and pack-away in minutes, hold up to 30 school-age children, and run any of our numerous dome shows using a laptop, projector and our MediaShow display software. Contact us for more information on our domes and shows, or visit our sister site